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Staying Safe Online

How Do I Know if a Casino Is Safe?

Safety is probably the most critical factor to consider before choosing a casino. Players and sports bettors should ensure that all their information, including financial details, is safeguarded against unauthorized third-party access. However, meeting the safety requirement involves a few other factors, including the following:

Secure Connection

You must first ensure that your connection to the site is secure. One of the first signs is a URL that begins with "https" instead of "http." Another good sign is a padlock icon on the left side of the browser's address bar. You should avoid any website that has neither of these features.

Licensing with Michigan Gaming Control Board

There are requirements casinos must meet before receiving an official license to operate. These requirements keep the casino in check and force it to play by regulatory rules that protect your interest as a player.

A license also means that the site has passed several tests and is keeping up with standards regarding payment processing, information storage, and many other requirements.


Licensed commercial casinos should offer more than enough information about the library, payment methods, bonuses, and payout percentages. Sites that consider safety important are usually quick to let you have this information so there’s no confusion.

If you can’t find information about percentages, then there’s a good chance the casino wants to be able to raise and drop the figures as convenient.


Good reviews are usually a telltale sign of safety. Reviews tell you a lot about the casino’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and possible complaints. A safe casino must have a good reputation that is easily verifiable.

Fast Payout

Trustworthy sites use popular payment methods and also publicly state reasonable fund processing periods. A casino or Michigan sports betting app is probably unsafe if it doesn't pay quickly or has unnecessarily long payment periods.

What Does a Rogue Casino Look Like?

There are several features of rogue casinos. The most common ones are unnecessary delays, hidden charges, or incomplete payments and withdrawals. However, there are other signs you should watch out for.

Firstly, rogue casinos are rife with unfair practices. Some of these practices are predicated on hidden or unreasonable terms and conditions that may not be public until something goes wrong.

Rogue casinos may also make fake advertising claims. The casino may promise handsome bonuses such as hundreds of free spins or a few thousand dollars worth of free money. Generally, any offer that sounds too good to be true just might be.

Depositing at a licensed casino or online sportsbook is safe. Verified sites with the required licenses and SSL encryption are usually trustworthy and can easily receive your deposits and process withdrawals.

However, be sure to take a few precautions, including verifying the URL and ensuring that the payment channels you use are official.

What Are Playthrough Requirements?

A playthrough through requirement is also called a wagering or rollover requirement. It is simply the number of times you have to wager your bonus before it becomes withdrawable cash.

Most times, this requirement applies to your deposit and the bonus. For instance, a 10x playthrough requirement on a $100 deposit with a 100% deposit match means that you must pay $100 ten times ($1000) before you can withdraw any winnings. However, you might find some casinos where the playthrough requirement only applies to the bonus amount and not the deposit.

What Is Gambler’s Fallacy?

The gambler’s fallacy is a false belief that the probability of a random occurrence depends on the presence or absence of past occurrences. People with this line of thinking incorrectly assume that a random event is more likely or less likely to happen depending on the last time or last few times the event did or didn’t happen.

For instance, the chance of rolling a 6 with a die is 1/6. However, some gamblers might assume that a 6 will be next if previous rolls have already produced 1-5. People with gambler's fallacy forget that the chance of a 6 will always be 1/6 regardless of prior occurrences.

How Do I Know if I’m Addicted to Gambling?

Gambling addiction is the irrational urge to continue gambling regardless of the personal or financial cost. You might be addicted to gambling if you exhibit one or more of the following signs:

  • Lying about your gambling habits
  • Constantly wagering more than you can afford to lose
  • Staying in debt to fund your gambling habit
  • Gambling depresses you or causes you to feel negative emotions
  • You can’t stop gambling until all your money is gone
  • Stealing or using fraud to fund a gambling lifestyle
  • Using gambling to recover funds lost to gambling
  • Your friends and family are worried about your gambling
  • Losing relationships or jobs to a gambling habit

How Do I Help Someone With a Gambling Addiction?

The best way to help someone with a gambling addiction is to help them through it. You can begin by having an open and honest conversation and encourage them to be as detailed as possible. Remember that you risk losing them if your approach is harsh or judgmental.

Ask the person if the problem exists and if they are willing to get help. Since it's usually difficult for people to come completely clean or admit that they have a problem, you should be very firm but also very patient.

When they do come around, be very encouraging. Let them know they can get past it and be willing to provide moral support as they try. You should also remind sports bettors that overcoming a gambling addiction is gradual. If necessary, help them find professional help.

How Do You Quit Gambling?

Approximately 10 million people in the US struggle with gambling addiction. Regardless, most addicts can try to quit or avoid these problems by following a few steps:

Admit and understand the problem

You must be honest with yourself about the situation. Try to understand how it began or if any stressors made it worse.

Find a support group

Many support groups help people with gambling addictions gradually solve the problem. Support groups with other people in the same situation give a sense of belonging to participants as they share similar experiences and are honest about their problems.

Avoid Temptation

You must stay away from any triggers that tempt you to resume gambling. If alcohol triggers a need to gamble, you should remain sober as long as possible. You should also consider other steps like taking alternative routes if the usual ones take you through a casino.

Find Alternatives

Getting over a gambling addiction usually requires other activities to satisfy the craving. Helpful alternatives include physical exercise, traveling, or meditation.

Seek Professional Help

One of the best ways to quit online casino gambling is to seek professional help. Some mental health professionals specialize in these areas and use tested methods to treat struggling gamblers. Consider employing the services of a professional as quickly as possible.