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Fantasy Sports | Michigan

Fantasy sports have been around, but they've become even more popular in recent years thanks to the surge and convenience of online and mobile gaming. In 2018, over 75% of fantasy gamers in the U.S played fantasy football, while almost 40% played fantasy basketball.

Michigan residents can now enjoy fantasy sports on a variety of apps. MI fantasy sports apps allow users to draft their teams of real-world athletes, track their stats, and compete against other users for prizes. Michigan's fantasy sports laws are among the most permissive in the country, which has helped to make the state a hotbed for this growing industry. There's never been a better time to get into fantasy sports with so many options available.

Getting Started

Yes. Daily fantasy sports is legal in Michigan as long as participants are 18 and above. Governor Gretchen Whitmer legalized DFS in Michigan on the 20th of December, 2019. The Michigan Gaming Control Board gives temporary licenses to daily fantasy sports establishments.

What is DFS Gambling?

DFS is an acronym for Daily Fantasy Sports. It refers to a variation of fantasy sport where players compete among themselves by creating a team of athletes from a league or sporting competition. Players then earn points based on real-world performance statistics.

Daily Fantasy Sports gambling refers to the act of making bets and wagers on odds for daily fantasy sports.

The players pick their teams from a pool accessible to all players. This process is called drafting. Each addition to the team has its designated cost, with elite picks costing more.

Once the team is assembled and the lineup is ready, players can compete in organized competitions, usually a contest. Daily fantasy sports have two main variants: the Guaranteed Prize Pool and cash games.

Players pay an entry fee to enter a contest, after which they can make bets. A guaranteed prize pool has higher stakes than cash games. Daily fantasy sports games are available for many minor and major sports.

Such sports include Association football, American football, baseball, cricket, ice hockey, horse racing, rugby, sumo wrestling, basketball, auto racing, and golf. Association football refers to soccer, while American football refers to college football and the NFL.

What is the Most Played Fantasy Sport?

Daily fantasy sports has a variety of games players can play. These games are based on different actual real-life sports. The most popular fantasy sports are American football and Association Football/Soccer.

American football includes college football and the NFL. Football dominates the American sports scene and is arguably North America’s most popular sport. With a fan base of above 35 million, American football captures the attention of around 78% of players in US fantasy football. According to ESPN, fantasy football is played by approximately 40 million people in America.

Association football refers to the game of soccer, which is more accepted in the United Kingdom. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and attracts many players from all over the world.

The Premier League in the UK is the biggest in the world and has its own fantasy game called the Fantasy Premier League. It has around 8 million players. Other popularly played fantasy sports are Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball.

Yes. Fantasy Football is legal in Michigan. The Michigan Gaming Control Board licenses fantasy games.

After the formation of the Gaming Control Board, fantasy sites that existed before the 1st of May 2018 were required to make an application for a license by the 1st of July 2022. Obtaining a license made their further fantasy services legal.

Two types of licenses can be given, an Operator’s license and a Management Company license.

Some of the popular fantasy football sites to consider are Yahoo Fantasy Sports, SleeperApp, ESPN fantasy football, MyFantasyLeague, and NFL fantasy football.

Yes. Fantasy Baseball is legal in Michigan as it’s a sport played in Daily Fantasy sports. However, only licensed fantasy site may offer this service. Fantasy sites existing before May 1, 2018, were required to apply for a license to continue operations by July 1, 2022.

With an operator’s license, a fantasy site can host leagues and contests while a Management Company license allows the creation of day-to-day management establishments.

Some of the best fantasy baseball sites include Major League Baseball, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, FanDuel, CBS Sports, ESPN Fantasy Baseball, and Fantrax HQ. Major League Baseball is the official baseball platform in the US and it offers fantasy leagues to fans.

Yes. It is legal for Michigan residents to bet on sports. Sports betting is controlled and licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. It was legalized in December 2019 when the Lawful Sports Betting Act was signed into law by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

It means sportsbooks are recognized tax-paying companies by the Michigan state government. The first legal sportsbooks launched in 2020 while online sportsbooks launched a year later. The Player’s age requirement for betting on sports in Michigan is 18 years and above.

Can you Win Real Money Playing Daily Fantasy Sports in Michigan?

Yes, you can win real money playing daily fantasy sports in Michigan. Some sites offer contests and fantasy sports competitions where players can win real money. Some of the contests can be free to enter or require an entry fee. Daily sports betting is also a way to make real money.

It attracts more skillful fantasy players who have an advantage over other players. Dome fantasy sites also offer bonuses and cash rewards for a player’s team performance in a season or an action taken on the fantasy site. Such action can be a deposit of money or placing a bet.

Some sports betting platforms that offer fantasy sports betting options include FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and BetRivers.

How do I bet on Fantasy Sports in Michigan?

It is easy to bet on fantasy sports in Michigan if you know what to do. Before you can start placing your bets, there are certain factors to consider. Here are a few basic tips on making the right bet.

Bet on the money spread

Betting on the money spread means betting on who outrightly wins a game. Players simply bet on the team they feel confident will win the fixture. It involves examining the game’s point spread. If your preferred team has a big point spread, then the sportsbook considers them a favorite, while an even point spread means a draw is expected.

Bet on the point spreads

Point spreads are used to balance each team’s odds of winning. It refers to the points deducted from the final score of a team. The idea is for the team you bet on to underperform or cover the spread. Where teams meet the spread, the bet is neither lost nor won. Where a team with (+4) and another with (-4) play, the latter has to win the first by at least 5 points for the bet to win.

Adopt American odds

One good thing about American odds is that it returns your stake to you. It means a positive number next to a decimal odds is how much money will be made on a standard stake win. Where the odds number is negative, it signifies how much currency must be produced to get the initial stake back.

Consider decimal odds

There is a decimal number behind every money spread, total, and point spread. It is always written as positive. You can calculate your win by multiplying the decimal number by your stake. It means that the winnings already have the initial stake in it.

Bet on the totals.

The totals refer to the popular over/under. A sportsbook gives a number that signifies both teams’ points added together. The bet placed is on whether the teams will score above or below that number or not.

It means that when the total is 175, the bet can either be that both teams will score above 175 or below 175. It is smarter to place an over bet when the total seems too low and an under bet when the total seems too high. It applies to several circumstances, including when superstars on both teams are injured.

After considering the above tips, the next step is to get your betting strategies in place and make your bets. You can maximize your bets by patronizing daily fantasy sites that offer interesting features and fit your style. Here are a few tips on betting with the right establishment or platform.

Search for your preferred sportsbook

Daily fantasy sports have been available as far back as 2007 but became popular when sports betting was legalized. There are many sportsbooks online that offer daily fantasy leagues where you can place your bets.

A sportsbook refers to a place where sports bettors can make wagers on sports games. Some important qualities to look for in a sportsbook are safety, ease of use, and promotional offers. Avoid sites that are bugged with advertisements and sites that require a credit card provided upfront to navigate the site.

Do your research on each selected sportsbook.

It is important to conduct your research on each of the sportsbooks you highlight. Ensure that they offer games on your preferred fantasy sports and that the odds favor you. It is important to review feedback on the site to ensure that their services live up to their claims.

The best way to evaluate a sportsbook's services is to hear from players like you that have used or are using the sportsbook. Also, ensure that the deposit and withdrawal requirements are valid and you can meet them. A safe sportsbook is one with a license to operate and no fraudulent history.

Know about the sport you’re betting on

The best fantasy sports players are players who understand the sports they play. Understanding your preferred sports will expose you to strategies for drafting your team and lineup.

While it is gambling, you can maximize your bets by knowing what bets are best for your team based on the fixture and team player circumstances. The same tactics that work for American football will rarely work for Association football due to the different nature and rules of the games.

Start with small bets.

If you're new to fantasy sports betting, it is safer to start your journey with smaller stakes. It will minimize your losses as you attempt to master the betting strategies and how you can pick your lineup.

With each milestone of improvement, you can increase your bankroll and your bet sizes, respectively. The idea is to make a profit over an extended time rather than chasing the rare big wins.

It will also help to limit excessive gambling as the losses will not have a huge impact on your funds. Your small bets can also be maximized with bonuses and rewards offered by some sportsbooks. Some sites that offer daily fantasy sports betting are DraftKings, FanDuel, and Jock MKT.

Playing Online

What are the Best DFS sites in Michigan?

Since the Lawful Internet Gaming Act legalized daily fantasy sports in Michigan, different sites have emerged offering games on daily fantasy sports. Some of the best Daily Fantasy Sports sites in Michigan include Monkey Knife Fight and FanDuel.

DraftKings daily fantasy sports also continued operations in Michigan following its licensing. Other active fantasy sports sites operating in Michigan include Yahoo Fantasy sports, SportsHub Games Network, Boom Shakalaka Inc., and Fantasy Sports Shark.

Yes, daily fantasy sports betting apps are legal in Michigan. The Lawful Internet Gaming Act was introduced in December 2019, which legalized fantasy sports, fantasy sports betting and sports betting. This Act was signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and it requires that sportsbooks and fantasy contests have licenses to operate. Players on the app site must also be 18 or above to play legally.

How old Do you Have to be to Play Michigan daily fantasy?

The Michigan Gaming Control Board states that daily fantasy sports players in Michigan must be 18 years or older to play legally. This age limit applies to playing fantasy sports games, fantasy sports betting and sports betting in Michigan.

Michigan is home to 13 sports betting apps as of 2022. Some of the early ones operating before the licensing of sports betting and daily fantasy sports got their licenses and continued operations. Some popular sportsbooks operating legally in Michigan include:

BetMGM sportsbook

BetMGM sportsbook services are housed in the MGM Grand Detroit casino and hotel where there are 35 automated kiosks, 60 quality televisions, and 6 wagering windows. It offers a welcome bonus of a risk-free $1000 bet. It has been live as far back as January 2021 and is available on Google Play and App Store.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars sportsbook has been live as far back as August 2021. Michigan State athletics is in a partnership deal with this sportsbook and it offers some of sports betting most lucrative bonuses and promotions. This sportsbook has a welcome bonus of a risk-free bet that can accumulate to $1500.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel partners with MotorCity Casino and is Michigan’s top online sportsbook in terms of revenue and influence. FanDuel is also a partner of the Tigers and the Red Wings. It offers a welcome bonus of about $1000 first bet and has been live as far back as January 2021. It is also available on Google Play and App Store.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the most patronized sportsbooks in Michigan. While it has limited promotions, it offers a massive list of available sports to wager on. It offers a welcome bonus of a 20% initial deposit which can be valued at up to $1000. The bonus is sometimes accompanied by a free bet worth between $150 and $280.

Twinspires Sportsbook

Twinspires is a sportsbook, a casino, and a racebook in one. While its full menu is not accepted in some states, Michigan allows it to list all its games. It also offers lots of promotions each week and has a risk-free $1000 welcome bonus bet. It has been live as far back as January 2021 and is also available on Google Play and App Store.

Yes, PrizePicks is legal in Michigan. It belongs to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Authority which further makes it a recognized daily fantasy sports platform. It operates under the license acquired from the Michigan Gaming Control Board which allows daily fantasy sports and sports betting in Michigan.

Yes, Bet365 operates legally in Michigan. It has a recognized Bet365 sportsbook widely patronized in Michigan. It has many promotional offers with a welcome of up to $200. Bet365 has a wide option of sports offered including; baseball, hockey, golf, boxing, cycling, table tennis, dart, soccer, basketball, football, and many more.

Is Caesars Sportsbook in Michigan?

Yes, Caesars sportsbook is legal in Michigan. Its activities are controlled by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. It offers a $2000 first-deposit bonus as well as a wide variety of games, including casino games like slots and table games.

Yes, Bovada is legal in Michigan under the legalization of sports betting in Michigan. It offers as much as $750 in welcome bonus offers. Bovada offers a wide variety of online gambling options, including live dealers, poker, sports betting, and casino games. Mohawk Morris Gaming Group shows its established history in safe and reliable online gambling through the attractive Bovada offers.

Yes, BetMGM is legal in Michigan. BetMGM sportsbook is hosted at the MGM Grand Detroit and their online sportsbook. It is regulated and licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Yes, DraftKings is a legally operating sportsbook in Michigan. It formally went live in 2021 and is available on App Store, Google Play, and laptops/desktops. It offers over $1000 in welcome bonuses in the form of initial bets. DraftKings also guides its odds to favor local markets, and college sports can be wagered on. DraftKings is one of the sportsbooks that existed before the legalization of sports betting in Michigan.

Yes, SuperDraft is legal in Michigan under the legalization of sports betting and daily fantasy sports in Michigan. Licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, SuperDraft is one of the sportsbooks that allow fantasy contests where players can win real money.

Do you have to Pay Taxes on Fantasy Sports Winnings?

Yes, you have to pay taxes on fantasy sports winnings depending on how much the win is. Taxes are not paid for winnings below $600, while fantasy players have to report winnings above $600 to the IRS. These winnings make up taxable income which the IRS will expect taxes on.

Daily fantasy sports are legal and regulated in 45 states. The states that do not allow daily fantasy sports are Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Montana, and Hawaii. The acceptability of each fantasy site depends on each state’s fantasy gaming rules.