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Online Gambling in Delta County, Michigan

Set in Michigan, Delta county has a total land area of 1,171 square miles (3,030 km2), making it the fifth-largest county in Michigan. As of 2021, It documented 36,826 residents and 18,692 households.

According to data published by the U.S Census bureau, Delta county has a median household income of $51,117. Over 80% of Delta county households also own and use different computing devices like smartphones or tablets. And about 81% of these households have access to a broadband internet subscription.

The legal age for gambling in Delta county, Michigan, is between 18 and 21 years. Players who are up to 21 years old can play online casino games and sport betting games.

However, some tribal nation-owned casinos also follow the minimum age requirement of 18 years to play and gamble at their land-based locations in Michigan. Michigan also permits people who are up to 18 years old to gamble and even play lottery games.

Gambling in Michigan is licensed and regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board(MGCB).

When Was Online Gambling in Delta County Legalized?

Online gambling in Delta county was legalised on the 20th of December 2019 following the passage of Act H4311/mileg.aspx?page=GetObject&objectname=2019-HB-4311), which was signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. This bill leads to the regulation and licensing of online gambling in the state.

As of 2023, residents of Delta county can access online casino sites and play online casino games through smartphones, computers and other computing devices. The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates online gambling in the state.

Yes. Online gambling is legal in Delta county, Michigan. Online gambling in Delta county, Michigan, was legalised in 2019 under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Players of legal age located within the borders of the state can engage in online gambling in Michigan. The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) is in charge of regulating online gaming in Delta county.

Yes. Online sports betting is legal in Delta county, Michigan. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the bill to legalise sports betting and online gambling in the state in 2021. Players have to be up to 21 years of age and within the borders of the state to be able to play. Online casinos and sportsbooks are licensed and regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB). Some of the online sports betting platforms that operate legally in Delta county include DraftKings, Caesars sportsbook, BetMGM, FanDuel, PointsBet, and BetRivers.

Yes. Horse betting is legal in Delta county, Michigan. Horse betting in Michigan has been legal since the year 1933 through the passing of the racing act, which allows pari-mutuel betting on horses.

In 2019, online horse betting also became legal after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer passed House Bill 4310 into law. Interested players that are up to 18 years and within the state can legally place wagers on horse races online. Online horse betting sites are also regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Can I play Daily Fantasy Sports Contests in Delta County, Michigan?

Yes. Daily Fantasy Sports is a legal online gambling activity in Delta County, Michigan. Gov. Whitmer Gretchen made this possible for residents of the state to engage in this game by allowing licensing of Daily Fantasy Sports companies in the state.

Some of the sites that offer DFS in Michigan include; FanDuel casino, DraftKings casino, Betrivers casino, Barstool casino etc.

Players between the age of 18 to 21 can gain access to these sites and place their wagers. DFS sites can apply for temporary licenses from the Michigan Gaming Control Board to operate in Delta county and other areas of the state.

Responsible Gambling in Delta County, Michigan

The state of Michigan provides assistance to residents who struggle with excessive gaming habits. With the purpose of curbing excessive gambling, the Michigan Gaming Control Board provides two different exclusion programs for residents with gambling problems in the state of Michigan. They are:

The MDHHS are ready to render help and point you in the direction of trained professionals that will provide initial consultations, oversee ongoing treatments, provide financial assistance information and even recommend referrals where necessary. You can also contact them through - 333 S. Grand Ave P.O Box 30195 Lansing, Michigan 48909.

Other helplines available in Michigan are:

Gambling Disorder Services

This was created by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services through the Behavioural Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration.


Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (MAPG)

1128 Wethersfield Drive S., Portage, MI 49002.



What has been the Impact of Gambling on Crime in Delta County?

According to the FBI summary crime report, the crime trend within the last five years in Delta county shows that there were no reported incidents of betting/wagering, operation/promotion/assisting gambling, gambling equipment violations, and hacking/computer invasion. The crime trend on property crimes are also very low in Delta county. Only eight incidents of theft and wire fraud offenses were reported to the Delta County Sheriff’s office.

However, there were 16 credit card/automated teller machine fraud offenses and 197 larceny-theft offenses reported by the Delta County Sheriff's Office between 2017 and 2021.