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Software & Technology

Should I Download an App?

Whether or not to gamble with an app or in your browser will depend on different factors. Consider the functionality offered by both methods before settling on a permanent gambling or sports betting option.

Legal online casinos generally design their Michigan sports betting apps with better functionality and user experience, allowing them to interact effectively with the user's device when required.

Most of the time, downloading an app is better. Some online casinos make this decision easy by limiting gambling to an app.

Do I Need to Be Using the Latest Phone Models?

You don't need to use the latest phone models for legal sports betting or gambling. Although new phone models offer better specifications than older options, any phone that meets the casino’s requirements will do.

Specifications for gambling and online betting may include the operating system, RAM, and storage space.

What Is a Downloadable Client?

A downloadable client is an application that users need to download and install on their devices to access the casino's gambling or online betting services.

This is essentially the casino's app that anyone can use to play games instead of using a general web browser.

Can I Play On My Mac?

Some Michigan legal sports betting casinos allow users to play using Mac devices.

However, this largely depends on the casino. Some sites now develop downloadable clients specifically for customers that use Mac-supported hardware. Previously, casinos ignored Mac users.

Can I Play On My Windows?

Most Michigan legal sports betting sites provide support for Windows. If you have a Windows desktop or laptop computer, you'd most likely be able to play games online or download the casino's app on your computer for a better user experience.

Regardless, ensure your device's specifications meet the casino's minimum requirements for gameplay.

Which Devices Offer the Best Gameplay?

The device for the best gameplay depends on the game. In most cases, your personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, and video game consoles can handle casino games and online betting.

A desktop or laptop computer might be the best option if you only enjoy gameplay with a large screen. While rare, some Michigan sports betting apps may be tailored towards a particular screen size.

Consoles like the Xbox or Playstation hardware are also great for games with skill-based stages or bonus rounds. On the other hand, a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone would be the best choice for fast-paced games since they are handheld.

Do I Need to Be Connected to the Internet?

Online gambling and legal sports betting usually require a strong internet connection. Most of the time, gambling requires continuous access to the internet for the prolonged exchange of information necessary for gameplay.

However, some legal Michigan sports betting sites may allow you to play games offline. Nonetheless, remember that you would need to connect to the internet to redeem bonuses or initiate deposits and withdrawals.