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Games, Requirements, & RNGs

What Kinds of Michigan Online Games Are Available?

Casinos licensed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board offer several hundred games to customers. If you're new to gambling, the sheer number of options will likely confuse you. Regardless of the numbers, here are some of the broad categories of games you will find in a Michigan online casino:


One of the world's oldest casino games, roulette is a table game that features a spinning wheel and a ball. Each game has a dealer who spins a wheel after players put chips on the table to lock in their wagers.

A player wins a bet when the wheel stops spinning and the ball's position, including color and number, matches a corresponding bet. Roulette is very popular because it is easy to play and requires no skill.


Slots usually account for over half of a casino's available games and represent a large percentage of the site's income. Although there are many different variants, it is considered the easiest casino game and is very popular among beginners.

Each player only needs to place a wager and click or push a button to spin the reels. Depending on the slot variant, players win when they can match a specified payline or cluster.


Historians credit 1700s French casinos as originators of Blackjack. Originally called "Vingt-et-Un'' which translates to "twenty-one," this card-based game requires players to hit 21 or get as close as possible.

In American Blackjack, the dealer deals two cards with an upcard facing up and a hole card facing down. Although the European variant is similar, the dealer cannot check the hole card until all players are done dealing. Several other variants include Perfect Pairs, Switch, Double Exposure, and Progressive Blackjack.


Baccarat is another popular card-based casino game. Players choose one of three bets, including the Player bet, Banker bet, or a Tie. A player can win a Baccarat game by betting the hand closest to a total of 9. While a jack, queen, king, and 10 cards all have a value of zero, the value of an ace is one, and all other cards (2 through 9) are at face value.


This is a dice-based table game that allows several types of bets on the outcome of a pair of dice. The starting “come-out roll” is a “natural” win for any bets placed on the “pass line” if it totals 7 or 11.

If the roll hits a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the number becomes the “point” to pass. Depending on the casino’s rules, a 2, 3, or 12 means that all bets on the pass line will lose, while those on the “don’t pass line” will win.


Online poker is another card game with many variants. For each game, players may call (match), raise (increase), or concede (fold) the bet. Online poker players may bet by declaring that they hold the best hand, and others must respond by calling or conceding. Players can also bluff that they have the best hand and win if other players don't call their bluff.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

A progressive jackpot is the total prize amount that continuously increases until a player wins. It differs from a regular jackpot because no one knows the amount to win until the game ends.

During a game, players wager different bet amounts toward the eventual jackpot. As the game progresses, a percentage of each bet goes to the jackpot as players lose. This percentage is usually flat and continuously added for as long as the game runs. In the end, the winner scoops the entire jackpot.

Video poker and slot machines usually have progressive variants that attract a lot of players hoping to hit the jackpot.

Some games see several machines pooled together to create a larger jackpot that increases quicker since all losing bets contribute to the pot. The odds of winning a progressive slots jackpot are 50 million to one.

What Is a Payout Percentage?

A payout percentage is the percentage of wagered bets that a casino returns to winning players. Also known as the return to player percentage (RTP), the payout percentage helps players predict their possible earnings to some extent.

Casinos usually offer up to 97% for slots. This means that the casino will pay $97 to players for every $100 wagered. Be careful not to confuse the payout percentage as the number of potential wins per game, or assume that it's an additional percentage.

How Do I Make Money at the Casino?

Many people find casinos considerably attractive because the idea that a person can place a small bet for a big win is alluring. Although players have made a lot of money from gambling at casinos, the number is a small percentage of the total number of players that have tried.

Making money at a casino is not easy or guaranteed. However, the following steps can increase your chances.

Practice Different Games

There's nothing more important than getting familiar with casino games. Especially if you're a beginner, spending time practicing all your favorite games will help you know what to expect when you eventually play for real money. The best gamblers have mastered casino games and know when and how to place bets.

Don’t Try to Win Big

Focusing on large earnings is almost always a sure way to lose money. If you’re trying to make money from gambling, try to be strategic with the games you play and the amounts wagered at each game. Be realistic instead of optimistic.

Be Consistent

Making money requires consistency. The odds of winning a large jackpot from one or two games are so low that it's nearly impossible. The best way to make money gambling is to practice, create strategies, and remain consistent.

Play Skill-Based Games

There’s almost nothing you can do to really increase your odds of winning games of chance. However, practicing can help you with games that require skill. To increase your chance of making money at a casino, practice and play skilled games instead of games of chance.

Are There Limits on Wagering Amounts?

Casinos enforce limits on wagering amounts to protect their interests. If everyone can bet as much as they'd like, the casino can become stuck trying to pay out all winnings simultaneously.

Wagering limits usually vary depending on the game and other factors such as the number of players available at any given time. You would either be unable to state an amount higher than the given limit or receive an error if you do.

How Are Live Dealer Games Different?

Live dealer games feature a live dealer instead of a computer-generated image or animation. The dealer is a real person conducting the game on a real table with real cards and chips. Instead of a computerized shuffle, the dealer moves chips and shuffles cards by hand. Essentially, a live dealer game is a live video stream of an actual dealer conducting the game.